"Warden's offer"
Tuna Nicoise on a bed of iceberg and radiccio lettuces with marinated peppers6,2 €
Sing-Sing consommé soup with vegetables3,0 €
Carpaccio of Salmon with green cottage cheese on toast6,6 €
Spicy buffalo chicken wings5,4 €
Fried gooseliver accompanied by apple infused with cloves, served with potato balls and onions12,9 €
Grilled veal medallions with creamy layered potatoes8,6 €
Wiener Schnitzel and potato salad with onions9,0 €
Hungarian style pork medallion served with paprika and caraway seed fried potato rings9,4 €
Peasants dinner; Beef strips fried in a wok with tomatoes, red onions, peppers, leek and a heady mixture of herbs9,8 €
Lamb cutlets fried in Rosti with rosemary mashed potatoes11,8 €
Venison stew with polenta wrapped in bacon and potato balls7,8 €
Appetizers, Salads
Beef Tatar7,4 €
Mozzarella Caprese3,9 €
Tuna Bruschetta4,4 €
Alcatraz salad6,6 €
Greek salad4,3 €
Cheese salad tossed in a yogurt dressing with apple and grapes4,2 €
Endive slices with Roquefort and walnuts, served with a honey mustard dressing5,4 €
Caesar salad with strips of chicken6,2 €
Creamy French Onion soup served in a loaf with grated cheese3,0 €
Goulash soup3,4 €
Cream cheese soup in a loaf3,0 €
Bajor creamy horseradish soup with forest mushrooms3,0 €
Creamy spinach Gnocchi with fresh basil and grilled chicken steak6,6 €
Three coloured tube pasta in a spicy tomato sauce5,0 €
Dumplings with goat.s cheese5,0 €
Long flat pasta cooked with garlic and oil5,0 €
Strips of chicken breast coated in potato in sour cream with garlic and fried vegetables7,8 €
'Jailbird': Breaded turkey breast stuffed with tomatoes and feta cheese, served with mashed potatoes7,8 €
Turkey steak with elder ower sauce, served with mashed potatoes with cheese and eggplant chips8,2 €
Grilled chicken breast on 'Villanyi' wine souce with fried green vegetables8,6 €
Pullet breasts served with sesame, spinach, forest mushrooms and brussels spronts7,8 €
Mexican chicken ragu with tortilla and chilli rice7,6 €
Chicken 'Espanole'; strips of chicken and mixed vegetables fried in a wok with aromatic herbs7,4 €
Chicken breast grilled with mozzarella served with zucchini and tomato with cheesy mashed potato7,8 €
Fruity chicken strips with honey-ginger whitewine souce and croquette potatoes7,0 €
'The Rock' beefsteak with green pepper souce and french frise11,8 €
Dillinger steak medallions with goose liver and smoked and goat cheese sauce served on a base of grilled tomato and eggplant16,0 €
Chateaubriand with baked potatoes served with Bearnaise sauce14,6 €
Beefsteak on a Tandoori garlic pesto with English mustard sauce accompanied by green beans and polenta wrapped in bacon12,6 €
Beefburger with French fries7,8 €
Swordfish grilled with lemongrass butter served with steamed broccoli and baby carrots7,8 €
Salmon steak with pine-nuts, pappardelle pasta and aromatic shallot sauce10,2 €
Fresh fish with Calamari rings, steamed asparagus on a grilled zucchini bed10,2 €
Grilled Goat cheese with potatoe-coated fried apple7,6 €
Vegetable tortilla on leafy spinach with tomato salsa and sour cream5,5 €
Camembert coated in walnut with rice and blueberries6,6 €
Blini Alcatraz; Rolled crepes filled with broccoli and cheese3,9 €
Almond filled Crepes with a mint chocolate sauce3,0 €
Caramelized peach flambe a la mode with strawberries marinated in green tea2,7 €
Somloi spongecake with chestnuts3,0 €
'Escape from Alcatraz': vanilla ice cream with cottage cheese and a shot of Bailey's4,0 €
Cottage cheese with muzli and wild fruit souce
Budapest Restaurants
Eat in your own prison cell, live music
Hungarian & International Cuisine
Website: www.fresco.hu
Most exclusive in Budapest
Website: www.gundel.hu
Modern, Indian and oriental cuisine
Ocean Bar and Grill
Ocean Bar and Grill
Mediterranean style food, award winning
Pomo D'Oro
Pomo D'Oro
The most famous Italian in Budapest
Sir Lancelot
Sir Lancelot
Themed 'knights of the round table', live shows
Restaurant on a boat, best views in Budapest
The best Sushi in town, buffet style
Website: www.wasabi.hu
Live Jazz, great food too
Website: www.fatmo.hu
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