Mozzarella with tomatoes and fresh basil1.550 HUF
Roast aubergine dip with pita1.350 HUF
Caesar's salad with chicken breast served with bruschetta with tomato sauce on top1.690 HUF
Feta baked in honey served on lettuce in walnut-orange vinaigrette1.900 HUF
Pre mixed beef tartar served with fresh vegetables1.980 HUF
Tuna mousse served with blini and caviar1.550 HUF
Carpaccio on arugula with pesto made of dried tomatoes1.900 HUF
Asian chicken soup with coriander, ginger and fried egg skewers960 HUF
Game meat soup seasoned with tarragon, served with egg gnocchi and radish790 HUF
Cream of porcini soup with grissini and Parma ham790 HUF
Guinea fowl soup with garganelli noodles and vegetables Julienne style820 HUF
Chicken breast mellowed in honey ginger soy sauce served with coriander seasoned rice1.850 HUF
Chicken drumsticks mellowed in tarragon baked in cheese cream, served with steak potatoes1.850 HUF
Duck breast steak mellowed in sage, served with quince cooked in wine and home-made potato scones2.350 HUF
Chicken fajitas1.850 HUF
Turkey breast stake served with potatoes stuffed with pumpkin puree1.890 HUF
Roast goose liver served with grapes cooked in Tokaji wine and potato scones with walnut3.400 HUF
Beef - Pork - Lamb - Game
Pork tenderloin stuffed with goose liver in cognac sauce, served with vegetable soufflé2.980 HUF
Leg of lamb baked with vegetables, served with grilled corn wheat dumpling2.450 HUF
Gemenc venison steak rolled in bacon stuffed with cabbage cooked in wine served with dumplings3.600 HUF
Beef medallion with lemon and pistachio served with mashed potatoes2.350 HUF
Angus steak (300 g) in gorgonzola sauce, roast tomatoes and green beans with bacon4.750 HUF
Branzino Cartocco (sullo baked in tinfoil with Mediterranean vegetables)2900
Trout baked in sea salt with potatoes in butter and salsa verde2300
Salmon steak with spinach-rose pepper tagliatelle2750
Prawn skewers seasoned with garlic, served with rice mixed with dried tomatoes and spinach2900
Tandoor||The Tandoor clay oven's roots span hundreds of years in history. It was invented in Afghanistan in order to bake bread and prepare meat in it. It started its long journey from there to India and Pakistan, where during the Muskal dynasty the maharajas took to the bread and meat prepared in the oven for its exquisite taste and flavour. Tandoori meat is seasoned for a whole night in special spices and then is roasted on low fire on skewers. The tandoori bread wins its shape with the help of the cook.s hands, and gets baked by being stuck to the wall of the oven.
Chicken tandoor half / whole1.900/2.650 HUF
Chicken kebab1.850 HUF
Beef kebab2.150 HUF
Chicken tikka1.850 HUF
Tandoor vegetables1.350 HUF
Indian chicken skewer with vegetables1.850 HUF
Pork tenderloin tikka2.150 HUF
Chicken breast striped with mango and jasmine rice1.950 HUF
Honey-chili malay noodles with chicken breast and shitake mushrooms1.950 HUF
Fried rice with chicken, sesame oil and forest mushrooms1.690 HUF
Asian spaghetti with lime, black mussels and English celery1.690 HUF
Glass noodles with roast duck breast and tofu with almonds1.950 HUF
Linguine Busara (crayfish, tomatoes, pernod, white wine)3.900 HUF
Spaghetti cozza Vongole (venus mussels, black mussels and tomatoes)2.150 HUF
Penne Siracusa (courgette, aubergine, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, pancetta)1.750 HUF
Oricette with broccoli seasoned with garlic, anchovies, served with parmesan1.650 HUF
Mediterranean mixed salad in raspberry vinegar vinaigrette920 HUF
Arugula with parmesan and cherry tomatoes920 HUF
Tomato salad with onions and pumpkin seed oil520 HUF
Profiterol stuffed with hazelnut mousse, served in hot caramel790 HUF
Coconut-chocolate soufflé with flambéed fruit950 HUF
Black and white ice cream towers with cognac sourcherry jelly950 HUF
Amaretto chestnut mousse with baked pastry950 HUF
Budapest Restaurants
Eat in your own prison cell, live music
Hungarian & International Cuisine
Website: www.fresco.hu
Most exclusive in Budapest
Website: www.gundel.hu
Modern, Indian and oriental cuisine
Ocean Bar and Grill
Ocean Bar and Grill
Mediterranean style food, award winning
Pomo D'Oro
Pomo D'Oro
The most famous Italian in Budapest
Sir Lancelot
Sir Lancelot
Themed 'knights of the round table', live shows
Restaurant on a boat, best views in Budapest
The best Sushi in town, buffet style
Website: www.wasabi.hu
Live Jazz, great food too
Website: www.fatmo.hu
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