Pomo D'Oro
Pomo D'Oro
Delicious variety of Italian ham and salamies on a plate garnished with cream cheese1890,-
Breasole (rumpsteak cold cut) slices with parmesan and artichokes1990,-
'Half-moon' Piadina (Italian pie) with squaquarone cream cheese, arugula and Buffala mozzarella1650,-
Bruschette-Toscan toast with seasoned tomatoes, Parma ham and parmesan cheese pieces1750,-
Steak carpaccio with parmesan and arrugula1650,-
Vittelo Tonnato - boiled veal brisket served cold in tuna-paste mayonnaise sauce1690,-
Courgette stuffed with cheese, served with pepper cream1550,-
Hot spinach soufflé with creamy cheese sauce1290,-
Flaky pastry stuffed with eggs, pine seeds and leek cream1980,-
Red tuna tartar with Provolone cheese, and toast with balsamico2190,-
Spicy anchovy balls in tomato sauce1590,-
Baby octopus cake2190,-
Octopus salad with potatoes2190,-
Fresh blue mussels in spicy tomato sauce1850,-
Fried blue mussels in white wine and garlic sauce1850,-
A taste of cold seafood2190,-
Carpaccio symphony (with octopus, salmon and swordfish)1750,-
Salmon marinated in salt with Malasol caviar1950,-
Cream of vegetable soup with parmesan and egg jelly1190,-
Forest-mushroom soup890,-
Traditional tomato soup from Tuscany890,-
Creamy bean soup with home-made noodles850,-
Meat-soup with ricotta-parmesan "pockets.990,-
Rich fish soup Ravenna style1950,-
Home-made tortelloni filled with spinach and ricotta served in walnut cream1750,-
Home-made oven-baked meat lasagne1950,-
Potato balls with spinach in saffron mascarpone sauce1890,-
Noodles in porcini sauce1750,-
Pasta Bolognese1890,-
Home made noodles with spicy courgette and hare stew1840,-
Tortelloni stuffed with parmesan-pumpkin cream served with spinach and cream1950,-
Capellecci noodles (noodles filled with mangold leaf and taleggio cheese in mushroom-ham cream sauce)1950,-
Penne vodka (with bacon, pink cream sauce and vodka)1590,-
Garganelli noodles with speck ham pieces, onions and radicchio2190,-
Noodles stuffed with veal, served with parmesan, butter and bresaola slices2350,-
Macaroni Trattoria style (with loin slices)1990,-
"Papfojtó" ("Priest strangler") noodles - home-made noodles in a tomato ragout, served and flambéed with parmesan cheese1960,-
A rendez-vous of seafood specialties with noodles2990,-
Home-made black spaghetti with calamari, fresh mussels and seafood2890,-
Cavatelli noodles Puglia style (with beans, cherry tomatoes, black mussels and venus mussels)2190,-
Noodles stuffed with cream of salmon, served with caviar and mascarpone seasoned with chives2390,-
Penne in pink sauce with arrugula and prawn2350,-
Home-made spaghetti Marinara style, with blue mussels, boiled in white wine2690,-
Risotto Lidi Ferarresi style (cooked with fish sauce)2390,-
Risotto cooked in Brut champagne, served with spicy duck stew2790,-
White risotto with sea delicacies (mussels, fish and prawns)2890,-
Salmon risotto with caviar2250,-
Risotto with parmesan cheese1550,-
'Ironed chicken' marinated in lemon and hot pepper1550,-
Roasted duck breast in rose pepper sauce2350,-
Roast chicken breast filet stuffed with porcini wrapped in Swiss chard1890,-
Guinea-fowl breast stuffed with ricotta, served with gravy and pearl onions2950,-
Saltimbocca Roman style (filet mignon slices with Parma ham, sage in white wine sauce)3750,-
Pork tenderloin with Sangiovese wine and apple puree2350,-
Rabbit rolls with speck ham and radicchio, served on roast spinach leave2550,-
Rumpsteak slices on arugula bed with parmesan3550,-
Tenderloin bites au gratin with porcini and Parmesan cheese3290,-
Tenderloin steak with Mediterranean spices3950,-
Tenderloin steak Rossini style (with mushrooms, goose liver and Sangiovese wine sauce)4790,-
Tenderloin steak Casino style (with sliced vegetables)4590,-
Tenderloin steak flamméed in Grappa4490,-
Veal chops (with bones) grilled on lava stone790,-/10 dkg
Steak Florence style grilled on lava stone (beef [with bones] with tenderloin and rumpsteak)890,-/10 dkg
Roast lamb chops (French Racks)3900,-
Whole grilled calamari2590,-
Flatfish (green asparagus rolls sauteed on olive oil, served with saffron cream)3290,-
Roasted seabass with courgette and pesto3350,-
Sea pike perch fillet Vesuviana style (tomatoes, onions, olives and garlic)3570,-
St Peter's fish filet Isolana style (with pepper cream and assorted vegetables)3590,-
Octopus skewer on marinated pepper bed in herb sauce3990,-
Zuppa di pesce Anconese fish stew with saffron4990,-
Prawns Provenzale style (with tomatoes, garlic and herbs)1990,-/10dkg
Crayfish tail baked in its shell served with butter and herbs (200-300 grams per piece)2690,-/10dkg
Sea snapper fillet covered with artichokes, baked in flaky pastry4500,-
Small sized potatoes roasted on olive oil990,-
Roasted potato490,-
Potato Ghiotta (cubed fried potato with tomato and rosemary)490,-
Mashed potato490,-
Artichokes Rome style (stuffed with anchovies, breadcrumbs and parsley)1490,-
Spinach in the pot790,-
Grilled cherry tomato skewers990,-
Fresh mixed salad950,-
Grilled vegetables990,-
Green salad with olives and mozzarella1190,-
Mozzarella Caprese (from buffalo milk)1750,-
Burato (soft cheese) pockets with arugula and cherry tomatoes1750,-
Assorted colourful lettuce leaves with gorgonzola, pears and walnuts1890,-
Grated carrots with lemon650,-
Grated carrots with fennel and apples990,-
Fresh mushrooms with arugula and Parmesan cheese1650,-
Arrugula salad with parmesan and cherry tomato1650,-
Pomo d'oro salad (fresh lettuce with celery, courgette slices, sweet anise, oranges, and fresh soft cheese)1990,-
Radicchio with apples, tuna and Ementaler cheese2290,-
Assorted colourful lettuce leaves with shrimps and pink sauce1990,-
Green salad with prawns, tomato and parmesan1950,-
Tuna salad with boiled eggs, mozzarella and cherry tomato1950,-
Ripe cheeses with fruit and jam1590,-
Cantuccini (cookies with almonds) with Vinsanto sweet wine1690,-
Home-made parfait with almond, served with hot chocolate sauce650,-
Grandma's cake (with curd cheese-vanilla cream and pine seeds)790,-
Cannoli (waffles filled with curd cheese cream and candied fruit)690,-
Tenerina chocolate miracle dessert in vanilla sauce790,-
Panna cotta with caramelle, cranberries or chocolate530,-
Rice cake with fruit cream750,-
Sweet surprise (cake layered with Mascarpone cream and fruits)790,-
Home-made apple pie with vanilla cream650,-
William's pear smothered in hot chocolate690,-
Fresh home-made ice cream in a cup with fresh fruit690,-
Fruit salad690,-
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