Pecs Tourist Information

Pecs Tourist Information
Pecs Mausoleum Pécs was called Sopianae in Roman times and was an important center of early Christendom. The Early Christian Cemetery, consisting of the triple and six-apsed chapels, the so-called Jar ornamented Tomb Chamber, and the Ancient Christian Mausoleum, with its wall paintings, was added to the list of World Heritage Sites in 2000.

Pécs has many attractions. Domed Turkish mosques, a slim minaret, and a lot of well-preserved masterpieces of Muslim architecture can be found here. To continue the list, the town hosts the factory Pécsand Museum of the sophisticated Zsolnay ceramics, the fantastic paintings of Csontváry Kosztka Tivadar, and decorative patterns of Victor Vasarely.

Pecs Along the streets almond trees blossom in early spring, and the pleasant atmosphere of restaurants and coffee houses gives the feeling that you are in the Mediterranean. This 2000-year-old city at the southern foot of Mount Mecsek, has been a bishop's headquarters since 1009. Beautiful churches and a great number of Museums await visitors. The road to the top of the hill is surrounded by the steep streets and charming houses of old Pécs called "Tettye".

Pécs The panorama is stunning from the 1730 feet high Misina mountaintop. Hikers walking along the sign-posted tourist paths of the Mecsek's Park Forest enjoy tasting the famous local wines in the evening. In the bazaar, an antique fair is held on the first weekend of each month, a flee-market and a livestock fair on each weekend.

Pecs National Theatre There are many cultural opportunities for visitors: performances of the National Theatre of Pécs, the Ballet of Pécs, the Bóbita Puppet Theatre for children and adults, and various other musical events, concerts and festivals.
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